Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Clean a Closet

Closets are a best friend and a worst enemy. They never contain the right clothes for the right occasion. They are perpetually filled with more clothes that do not fit, are out of style, or do not make the owner feel good than they are filled with clothes that the owner actually wears. 

Thus, closets become a storage ground for hording clothes. It is difficult to let go of that one shirt you wore practically everyday two years ago, but no longer fits right. Or the Christmas dress you have photos of yourself wearing when you were ten. Or the outfit that needs to be taken to the tailor but you've been putting that trip off for an entire year. 

It is hard to wear anything but that expensive sweater that fits you like nothing has ever fit you before. But there comes a time when a closet becomes so full that pushing the hangers together creates no more room.

Cleaning a closet
Be ready to trying on every piece you have not worn in the last year.  It is absolutely crucial to try on clothes that have not been worn in over a year.  The tendency to place the item back into the closet becomes far less when the item no longer fits the way it used to.

Ask yourself the following about each item:  Does this still fit? Do I feel good in it? Would I buy this at a store? Will I wear this again?

Donate an item when: it cannot be sold or returned, is not discolored or stained, or it is not damaged.

Sell an item when: it was expensive, it no longer fits, or it has no signs of wear. Tradsey is a great website to sell clothes and accessories on. Tradsey takes only a 9% commission, which is far less than most consignment stores and websites. 

Double the closet space with a closet doubler: Purchase a hanging rod that hooks over an existing closet rod to gain two tiers in one closet.
Twice the hanging space
 Separate clothes: whether by season, color, or long sleeve and short sleeve, make a system.

Fold sweaters: Heavy clothes lose their shape on hangers.

Use garment bags: Where there is wool, moths will find it. Place wool and silk pieces in garment bags over the summer.

Maximize space: Place shoes on the closet floor and belts on a belt hanger.

And lastly, 
Always remember, clothes are frustrating: There will constantly be times when a closet full of  clothes produces the reaction I have no clothes - I have nothing to wear.  It is crucial to clean out closets frequently so inventory can be taken. When this happens, shopping becomes more efficient as you know what pieces you have enough of and what pieces you do not.

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