Monday, March 17, 2014

Tuckernuck: A Class Act

Love, Lilly Flamingo Catalina Top, photo from

"Tuckernuck is an online retail destination curated for the classic, all-American lifestyle." This line is the first read on the About Us section of the classy e-commerce site Tuckernuck. It is clear with only a little browsing that this line defines the company. From anchor bracelets to printed shorts, this site offers it all for those looking for classic, elegant, and sophisticated. Tuckernuck is a toned down preppy: a little less fratty and a lot more classy. It offers a more grown-up wardrobe selection, but at the same time is fun, vibrant, and youthful. I am 17 and would buy close to everything on the site if I had the money.

Saint James Navy Galathee Shirt, photo from
Tuckernuck offers a large selection of smaller brands. This makes it a very good place to look for specific things because there is a good selection of items from brands you may never have heard of (I found out about Sail to Sable this way). I went on Tuckernuck looking for a dress for a wedding a few weeks ago and found The Baja Sea Fan Kilpatrick dress from Persifor, which is now a serious contender for purchase. The website is very easy to navigate and has multiple photographs for each item. This alone keeps me coming back as most e-commerce sites don't have this feature.
Toucan Hats packable wide bow sunhat, photo from
I have not purchased anything from Tuckernuck yet, and if I do, my opinion of the business might change. That being said, the only negative thing about Tuckernuck are the prices! For me and my budget, most of the items would be a splurge; however the items are high quality and timeless, which makes buying worth it if the piece will hold up.

Tuckernuck is based out of Georgetown (go to this section if you're ever in D.C) in Washington, D.C


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  1. I love the second look! I now want to check out Tuckernuck! :)