Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know Before: The Hannah Edition

1.     I am an avid fanatic of country music. Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Kieth Urban (I saw him in concert the summer after 8th grade, and if you ever get the chance to see him live, DO IT! He is just as good live as in recordings), and George Strait are on the top of my list.  

2.     If i don't go outside for more than 20 minutes a day, I get headaches. I think this is more of a mind over matter thing for me, but I really enjoy being outside. Even if its 5 degrees out, I have to be outside for some part of my day. Call me crazy, but fresh air truly makes a difference in my overall productivity of the day.

3.      I really like school. Well parts of it... I absolutely love the learning aspect of it, but I hate the social aspect of it. I'm one of those people who would rather have a conversation with an adult than with someone my own age. Knowledge is something that can never be taken away from me and that is in part why I find learning and schoolwork fun and enjoyable. However, being in such close quarters to a thousand plus people between 14 and 18 years of age for 6 hours, 5 days a week is a daunting task. That part wears me out more the most.

4.     Reading is my one of my best-loved hobbies.  There is something to be said for getting so involved in a book that when you put it down, your confused as to where you are. Read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet and you'll understand.

5.     My dog is my best friend. 
How can you not fall in love with him?
6.     I love baking. Cooking not so much, but baking is fun. The finished product is usually a sweet and the dough  has to be tasted of course. And the spatula licked. And the bowl. And the beaters. It's also rewarding. A tangible and edible (most of the time) is created.

7.     Nike shorts and T-shirts are my after school uniform. They're comfortable and more of a motivation to get moving... No changing required to go running or do crunches, you can just get up and go!

8.     On the estate I will someday own, will be a  mile-long winding drive, lined with trees, leading up to a historic house with white columns  and double doors facing the rolling hills of the countryside. What can I say? I have large goals ahead of me.

9.     I really like the ocean. The appeal for me is its vastness and the lack of its full understanding. It is something that mankind does not truly know everything about and for that reason, I am drawn to it.

10.     I am a nerd, if you can't already tell. And I am so utterly proud of it.

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  1. Love this!! No worries my dog is my best friend too and I'm also a fellow nerd :]

    XO Color Me Courtney