Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn Desires

Fall Season Wishlist

Harding-Lane needlepoint seagull hat
I really like this company because it has commitment to giving back.  Harding-Lane gives a percentage of their yearly profits to "Massachusetts based organizations that protect land and cultural sites in the state". This integrity is something that will make this company thrive for many years.

Anchored Style long sleeve
Perfect hot chocolate drinking and mash mellow roasting shirt. The marine signal flags on the back spell out style.
Fisherman sweater

L.Lean Signature fisherman's sweater and mallard top 
Big comfy sweaters are a must for any wardrobe! The mallard print of the blouse is so fun, but not overwhelming... perfect for under a blazer and a pair of riding boots. 
Collection Everly cap toe pumps
Everly cap toe pump

J. Crew pumps: Everly suede, Everly cap toe with bow, Everly cap toe
I have been waiting for heels like these. They are all classic and timeless, as the J. Crew brand always is. 

J. Crew anchor sweater
Even though this is a boy's sweater, I love the anchor design. It looks comfy and easy to wear.

J. Crew owl print blouse 
This is such a clever print and looks like it has a great fit! If you cannot already tell, I have a strong bias towards J. Crew (FYI, I will model their products for store discount).

Kiel James Patrick Seafarer shirt and Scalloped Oxford
This companies products are 100% American made. I love this companies marketing technique. They are selling a brand as well as a lifestyle (plus, I also love Sarah Vickers).
Frank Clegg Handbag Tote
 All I can say is "I want this." Their products are also American made.

Corilynn skirt 
All of her skirts are so cute. I wish I could have all of them, but I like this one the most.
These clothes are made in the USA. 

Tuckernuck Barbour Beadnell jacket
I have been longing for this jacket all year and now that fall is here, I really want it...

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  1. I love all of these picks! Last winter I invested in a Burberry jacket, and now I've got my eyes on either a Filson or a Barbour one! :)